Web application for ordering custom made wooden tables.

YEAR: 2022
TECHNOLOGIES: React, TypeScript, NodeJs, MongoDb, Docker, Git, Figma
ROLES: Product owner, Team lead, Frontend
Plankebordene project of Miha Žnidar

Configurator and online shop. Its special feature is a configurator that guides you through the creation and ordering of a custom table in less than 5 minutes.

The web application is written in React.js, optimised for computer and mobile screens. I worked on the project as project manager and front-end developer and was involved in the whole development process. I started with requirements analysis and document preparation. With the successful completion of the project, I proved to myself that I have learned a lot in 3 years of programming. I also gained many other skills from the IT world (communicating with clients, preparing documentation, managing and coordinating a small team).